Sunday, 30 October 2011

My challenge

I decided, that for a period of 1 year (starting yesterday), I will not buy anything that I do not need. This means that if I already have a handbag/pair of shoes/pair of boots which are in good shape, look good and will last for at least another season, than of course I do not need another handbag/pair of shoes etc. This is my challenge. I am planning not to buy any clothes/shoes for the next 6 months: my closet is full and I do not wear half of the stuff I own! Another example, I was going to buy myslef a nice warm winter sweater (£48)but I realised I already have two in my closet and I may not even use them! I left the shop without the sweater but with £48 in my pocket.

I will cut down on socialising, going out and buying gadgets. For example, I was thinking of buying a new mobile phone but because of the challenge I will now use my old (still very good) Nokia.
I will only buy Starbucks coffee when I am having coffee with friends - this will be a tough one as I really like Starbucks.

No sodas for me anymore - only tap water! This is good as I will be getting my braces on in two weeks so no sodas for me anyways.

No buying books - I will use my university library as much as I can, and will only buy a book if I really need to.

I will be reporting everything I buy here - week by week to see how much I'm spending/saving.

Let's see how it goes.

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