Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The world is flat. Period.

This week has been truly global. My first seminar even had this word in its name: Global Marketing. The make-up of the students was global too: British students dominated the group, followed by Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and Germans and supported by one poor Frenchman. English is the official language in the class and I forbade them to speak anything other than that.

I spent this evening with my French colleague (who is half Iranian and worked in Canada after completing her studies in the USA) sipping our soft drinks in an English pub. She says her home is in Paris. Mine is in Poland but my heart is on the other side of the pond. But my head is here. As a result I am in three different places almost simultaneously.

I need to go into Morrison's to buy some Polish bread, Basmati rice, and other 'exotic' ingredients. I will be cooking Thai curry tomorrow.

Thomas Friedman was right. The world is indeed becoming flat. At least to some extent.

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